Calf Tracker

The Calf Tracker program was introduced to Allen and Partners in early 2016 and we have seen some great improvements on farm since.

The service provides our clients with the opportunity to monitor and improve the growth and health of their calves, with results benefitting both the animals and the farm business.

Our vet Sian Robinson and our vet tech Katy Farmer will help you to manage and track your herds growth and development to lead your business down a successful and profitable route.

The Calf Tracker scheme is only £50 per month, it includes fortnightly visits to weigh calves and blood sample them to check for effective colostrum transfer. It also inculdes consultancy visits from your vet reporting the results and changes taking place in your herd and advising on areas that could be improved upon.

We run regular benchmarking meetings so that you can anonymously compare the health and performance of your calves to other farms over  lunch. The calf tracker is also part of a national XLVet scheme.

If you would like more information, or would like to sign up for the Calf Tracker scheme, please call the surgery on 01994240318 and we will be happy to help you.