Farm Animals

We have 8 vets working alongside farms and small holdings to provide the best care for all live stock. We offer a wide range of services as well as offering extra activities such as Artificial Insemination courses and Lambing courses.

Being part of the XL vets group allows us to aim for the most competitive priced and high quality medicines, products and equipment in order to help our vets provide the best care. It also allows us to stay up to date with information relating to common disease and problems affecting live stock across the UK.

We understand the importance of a prompt response and offer a 24 hour emergency line when the main surgery is shut. This ensures that, no matter what the time, any emergency will be seen to.

Our in-house facilities, particularly our lambing shed and new in-house lab, provide us with the facilities to carry out lambings and emergency caesareans on sheep whilst keeping costs down by avoiding call out fees. To see more on our in-house facilities, click here.