Small Animal Services

Our small animal vets and our veterinary nurse provide a vast range of services to ensure that animals under their care have the best standard of health possible. Whether it's a check-up to ensure that your animal has good general health, or specific areas that need attention, we aim to give your animal everything it needs in order to carry on in a healthy condition.

Some of the services we provide are listed below. For any other services or queries, please call us on 01994 240 318.

Anal Glands

Blood Tests

Claw Clipping

Dental Checks

Diabetes Monitoring

Flea and Worming

Goat Disbudding

Matted fur removal for cats

Pet Passports

Post-op Checks

Pre-Op Bloods

Puppy Checks

Rabbit Checks

Senior Pet Checks

Spaying and Castration

Tick Removal


Vaccinations and Boosters